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Step into Silvia Kern Photography, where life's special moments get a playful paparazzi treatment!


13 years back, my love affair with photography began with my first little bundle of joy (now I've got a whole bunch of 'em!). Since then, I've been on a mission to capture amazing families and conquer the challenges of school photo shoots.


But there's more to the story. I've also taken on the world of events, from capturing the thrill of graduations to freezing those unforgettable moments at corporate gatherings. Need a stylish lifestyle shoot that's all about you? You betcha! And let's not overlook the joy of immortalizing the spirit of volunteer events, where heartwarming connections take center stage.

Whether we're exploring the great outdoors, chasing the perfect light, or setting up a cozy indoor scene, I've got the skills and gear to make it happen. Let's freeze those heartwarming memories that'll bring a grin to your face.

Ready to jump into this photography adventure together? Give me a shout, and let's create lasting memories that toast to life's beautiful moments!

Contact me...

Tel: 503-890-8831

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